During this week (week 22), The Pivot Team has overcome two main hurdles:

  • Our presentation on Monday (27.03.2011);
  • Finalised our ideas regarding the event.

The presentation went relatively alright, and we arranged the date with Agga (who is coming along!) for our event, which is going to take place is central London on the 18th of April. The following points include information regarding our event:

  • Our campaign has three key messages, inform about the responsibilities one has to take before even buying a pet, raise awareness about the reality of the situation in the United Kingdom regarding neglected and abandoned animals and encourage people to help, as animal welfare charities hold on only on the generosity of the general public. We are going to transfer these three main points into catchy phrases on the posters that we will create during next week.

  • We are collaborating with the Wood Green Shelter, so we have arranged that we will receive t-shirts and other things that have their logo on them. This will makes us more eye-catching to the public when we go out there and try to make a little bit of a difference!

  • Ksenija will be our reporter for the day (11.04.2011).

  • We are going to be out there, inform people, encourage them to help and also, have fun!

Not all of the members of the group attended the seminar this week (28.03.2011), however, they couldn't come due to personal reasons and are up to date with everything our campaign has been up to lately.

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