Week 15:

In today’s seminar all of the group members were present, which made it easier to discuss the subject of our campaign – orphans & orphanages in London. We also came up with a plan for the following week.

This week (08.02.2011-14.02.2011) we, The Pivot Team members, are going to research our chosen subject, in order to finalise the idea of our campaign and to plan the next course of action.

As it stands, these are the tasks for this week :

  • Ksenija = Statistics. In order to be able to raise awareness or solve an issue, we have to know if it really exists and how large it is.
  • Andrew = Reading magazines/newspapers. In other words, his job is to keep up to date, as it is vital to be on top of the latest issues that might be connected to our campaign.
  • Nauris and Tim = Laws & regulations. To completely understand our subject, understanding the laws of United Kingdom is very important, as they may differ from our origin countries.
  • Veronika = Similar campaigns and charities. We will not be able to change much on our own, so it is valuable to get in touch with people who have been doing something about it for a longer period of time and have a lot more power overall.

We are meeting up on Thursday (10.02.2011), to have a discussion about our progress on the research.

Minutes originally posted on February 8, 2011

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