This is the final entry for The Pivot team!

It has been a frustrating and fun ride, thanks to all of the members for getting on their feet in time and making everything a success!

Here are some pictures from the main event:

Check the titles of pictures to see how it went for us.

  • Nauris - Veronika - Andrew preparing leaflets and banners for the event
  • Nauris working on the banner and the poster on it
  • Still doing the same prep Nauris - Veronika
  • A positive attitude all the way from the side of Nauris
  • "Talking about politics" does not hurt, it passes the time. Veronika
  • Andrew brings a British perspective into the campaign and shares his opinion with us
  • Kseni (our reporter for the day) gets into a shot with all of her equipment just before we start
  • And this is us (Veronika - Andrew - Nauris) on the streets, in hope of being noticed!
  • And after a couple of hours and questions asked, we concluded our event with a nice cup of tea, this is the end of The pivot team, as for now! Nauris