Week 15Edit

By this week we should have found a really polluted public place or park, that should be cleaned. However, the results of our research were not very satisfactory. As Arturas found out, all the public parks are closed for nights in London and are cleaned quite frequently. So we tried to switch to another idea.

Onute suggested to think about orphan houses. For example, we could raise money for orphan children or turn to some charity organisations to ask for help. We discussed this idea for a long time and decided to accept it only after a great research. As it was found out later, there is no orphan houses in London like those, that we have in our counrties.

Hopefully, our tutor inspired us to stay with the idea that deals with some environmental issue and suggested to arrange an action on Earth´s Day.

We found it great and came up with the idea that a deeper research should be done.

AnnaBarsukovaMDX 11:46, February 22, 2011 (UTC)