Week 17Edit

This week we had a guest speaker Richard, a professional compaigner, who inspired us a lot. He raised some important issues and explained how to plan the compaign.

Thanks to him we thought over these points:

  • what do we want to achieve? ------> Answer: clean surroundings of Snakes Lane
  • who can give it to you? -------> Answer: the owner of Snake Lane and the people who will agree to become volunteer cleaners
  • how can you get it from them? --------> Answer: gentle talk with Snakes Lane owner, advertisements and film commertial (in process) distributed via social networks particularly for Middlesex students.

What is more important, Richard made us think about the fact how we can realise that the goal of our compaign is achieved. Basically, it will be obvious success if enough people agree to take part in Snakes Lane cleaning process on Earth's Day and we manage to put additional litter bins or at least warning signs along the road.

Also we came up with the name of the group - GreENfield, which implies that Enfield and Green are inseparable.

Arturas found out, that Snakes Lane does not belong to Enfield council, but it´s a private territory. So now our task is to find an official owner of Snake Lane and contact him, but not the staff of Enfield council, what means, that the most part of our research should be revised.


Take a walk down the Snakes Lane in Enfield

Look around - what do you see?

Loads of paper wraps, plastics and tin cans

Decomposing (?) under the trees...


To be continued

By Arturas Kavaliauskas

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