the BasicsEdit

We are altctrldel. We believe that people require honest information to help them eat healthily. We know that with impartial, accurate and uncomplicated facts the general public will become more food conscience which will lead to increased personal health and a decline in illness. We deliver our message through the simple concept of alt, ctrl and delete,

  • alt = alternate your food
  • ctrl = control your portions
  • del= delete the bad stuff

These steps allow change through the education of individuals by individuals. One person may just ‘alt’ and swap an energy drink for carrot juice and ginger. Another person may ‘ctrl’ and adapt some meals to give their body maximum goodness. Others may ‘del’ and completely remove harmful ingredients form every meal and drink to ensure their body stays as well as can be. A few people may do all three steps or perhaps two of them regularly. We aim to improve the health of the public through an individuals understanding of food and the positive effects it can have on the body. We all know that certain foods are good/bad for us. We want to help people understand why…