AnielaFlorinaCristureanMDX 09:33, February 8, 2011 (UTC)Minutes 24/01/2011

Present: Minh Thuy Bui, Aniela Cristurean, Marta Dubrowolska, Jipsa George, Tonje Teigland.

Apologies: Laurentia Sili Writing the minutes and upload on Wikia this week: Tonje Teigland

Campaign-decisions: We have decided to either campaign for breast-cancer or to have a recycling campaign. We will all use the time until next meeting to research and chose one of the topics then.

Research is to be brought with to the next meeting. We will next week also figure out who we want to reach out to with our campaign and if we will make it a local one. Other Notes: Marta will probably change groups for next time.

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