Present : Aniela Cristurean , Tonje Teigland and Gordon Irvin.

Absent : Thuy, Laura

Written apologies: Jipsa

Campaign updates :

We discussed about the leaflets , what we should write on them and what colour should they have. We chose white, green and blue. The message have to be clear-cut and simple to understand by everyone. We have to decide the message so please make propositions on the communication page.

Gordon will create a Twitter account and an email address for the campaign so people can get in touch with us. We will receive the details (passwords) via email. He will create a Facebook event but only when we have the exact time of it. By next time he will finish the leaflets.

By next time we have to finish the Research dossier as well. We have to fix a date of the implication event (cleaning a park).

The guest speaker from the lecture ,Richard George gave us some very good suggestions on how we can have a successful campaign. After the park cleaning we can leave the garbage on the Council stairs , as a Easter present with a message and also we can put pressure on the Council by the fact the next year will be the greenest Olympics at all times, held in London and Enfield doesn’t even have a recycling scheme.

That will be all , we will discuss more on the communication page! Have a great week!

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