The minute 7/03/2011

Present: Jipsa , Minh Thuy Bui , Lauren

Absent: Gordon, aniella , Tonjie

Written apologies: Minh Thuy Bui

1/ We are going to give a 3 minute presentation (no more than 3 or 4 slides)

2/ We must create our own logo for recycling. The image of the earth is not accepted because we copy it from the internet.

3/ We need a banner for our group. And we can stand behind our banner and take picture outside the house.

4/ We need to create a pamphlet. The first page can be our logo, slogan, flyer… And then it can be our picture with testimonials. Therefore, everyone must bring a testimonial about how you think about recycling or why you are participating on this campaign.

5/ We may need T-shirt and Jipsa will find out how much does it cost to have a T-shirt with our logo printed on it.

6/ It is important for all to go to our next meeting.


Handout on seminar
Handout on seminar:

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