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Hello and welcome to the wiki page of one of the most rebellious campaign groups around! As our name says, we are a radical group of students determined to make a change no matter the means. We feel that our need and desire for a better education has been unfairly neglected for far too long and we believe that the time for resolutions is gone. It's time for REVOLUTION!

The first main goal of our campaign is raising awarness and mobilising Middlesex students to the 26th of March national demonstration, March for the Alternative. The reason behind it is that following our attendance to previous student movements, we felt that MDX has had a quite poor turnout compared to other universities and mostly due to lack of awarness and information within the university. Although the SU has done well in advertising and organising the events, we believe a closer approach to students is required and that would only be possible with more involvement on a smaller scale.

As this is supposed to be a short introduction, we will end by letting you know that this campaign will be an ongoing one and it will not stop on the 26th of March and by inviting you to read the rest of the topics in our wiki and hopefully join us in our fight for the quality education that each one of us deserves.

In comradery,

The Revolutionaries.

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