Step 1 – Study in New Zealand: myth or reality?Edit

After a careful research on educational system of New Zealand I came out with some interesting points.

First of all New Zealand offers high qualified education well known all over the world. Studies here are not only concentrating on your major subject, but also all about making connections and friendship for life.

Secondly, the New Zealand is one of the most peaceful and successful countries in the world. Not long time ago it was first in top of the best places for living.

Talking about education, it’s very significant here. Government spend one sixth of its budget on education. The primary and secondary education is compulsory and free as it is sponsored by government. The educational system of New Zealand is followed by British model and doesn’t create any difficulties with understand because the official language of New Zealand is English.

Moreover, universities there charge almost twice less than in UK or US. Every university has its own criteria and tuition fees that depend of the subject and course you are taking. Each year around 30 000 students go there to study for different reasons. One of them is nice, warm and mild climate, as well as pure beautiful nature and fresh air. Another good reason for studying here is climate factor, because all the main cities in New Zealand are located next to the seaside that gives you additional options for leisure and sport. Talking about living expenses, it costs less than in neighbor Australia or western European countries. That gives New Zealand one more plus.

Last but not the least important issue for international students is work permit. New Zealand is one of the countries where all students have opportunity to legally work up to 20 hours a week.

To sum up all the facts above I came to conclusion that studying in New Zealand is not only about fun, but also about saving money and receive a great knowledge and experience known all over the globe.



Step 2 - Work out your tuition feesEdit

· UC tuition fees are charged for each individual course you take

· Depending on your courses and level of study, the range for domestic full time undergraduate study is approximately $4,500 - $5,600

· Depending on your courses and level of study, the range for domestic full time postgraduate study is approximately $5,400 - $6,400

Step 3Edit

The cost of studying in a New Zealand English Language school is generally less than that of other English speaking countries. The above prices are a general guide only.

Cost of Study in a New Zealand University
(The below costs are average, annual tuition fees)

· Bachelor: NZ$15,000

· Masters degree: NZ$18,800

· Ph.D: NZ$21,200

'15,000.00 NZD '


'7,102.47 GBP '

New Zealand Dollars

United Kingdom Pounds