'STOP AND THINK' minutes 10/03/2011


Kamile Benetyte

Marta Dobrowolska

Jaisika Soni


Danny Shore

Ioanna Pittiri (apologized)

Today we discussed:

  • We discussed what kind of research each of us are going to do and ideas how to create our T-shirts
  • On next week we will create Fashion Against AidsT-shirts with the name of our compaign.
  • We will create Facebook Page to share and spread important information about AIDS/HIV (marta)
  • We will write a petition to the goverment to encourage them to spread more information about AIDS in high schools and universities.(jaisika)
  • We will write the letter to the Charity (kamila)


Tuesday (15/03/2011) after seminar

Marta Dobrowolska MDX 12:02, March 10, 2011 (UTC)