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Dear teenagers


· Inform teenagers about how to avoid AIDS and to make sure they have complete understanding of it.

· Share information how people can get AIDS-Show the ways of how to try to avoid this infection in everyday life.


· To stop this horrible epidemic.

· To create safe and sheltered life for future kids.


This campaign is targeted mostly towards the teenagers who are just about to enter adulthood and they should gain valuable information about this particular disease.

Every single day many people are being infected and suffering from aids and because of this they are even dying. Is there a solution to this? Yes we think there is a solution to this.

1. Need to be effective, HIV education must address some of the most intimate of personal experience and self-awareness.

2. The only way to slow and ultimately stop AIDS is by educating youth about its risk and consequences.

3. The teenagers should use appropriate condoms. Have safe and protected sex.

4. Get well tested.

5. Stop using used needles, towels and syringes.

We all need to prevent AIDS and help the people who have it by donating some money to the charity shop of AIDS and even by signing this petition.

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