A very limited amount of funding is available through Middlesex. The process of applying for it will involve carefully reading and completing the form pasted in below, a meeting with Jacqui who runs the initiative followed by claiming back the money using receipts.

At the moment we are not sure if this is in addition to, or instead of the awards of up to £3000 available for continuting campaigns.

Volunteering Programme

SPIN (Small Projects Initiative)


Middlesex Volunteering SPIN (Small Projects Initiative) Project Funding

Please complete and send to

Expand form as necessary

Application Guidance

  1. Maximum funding available for each application: £250.00

We encourage you to consider your applications as early in the year as possible - there is a limit to the amount of applications that can be funded each year – once the total Fund is allocated, no more applications will be considered for that year

  1. A voluntary project which may be a one-off or a series of activities/events, either at Middlesex University or externally/in the community, which cover one of the following aims
- Awareness-raising
- Fund-raising
- Educational
- Other (if appropriate)

  1. The aims of your project should meet ethical standards and be of benefit to an organization or charity with worthy aims and/or to Middlesex University and Middlesex students over all
  1. Certain items are not permitted to be covered by the Fund. These include:
- Alcoholic drinks
- Equipment and goods that will be retained
- Payment of performers or DJ’s

  1. You will be required to produce all receipts for reimbursement.

If it is a fund-raising project for an organization or charity, you will be required to produce evidence of funds raised and bank receipts showing name of organization and amount paid in (to match funds raised)

Project Details

 Project Name:

 Full description of the project/work          /activities for which you wish to claim funding:


Project timeline and dates:

No student volunteers involved:

No of beneficiaries (e.g. if in a school - 20 pupils per session):

Number of sessions:

If the project is a campaign or fund-raising project, please provide the name of the organization or charity:

If a charity, give charity number:

The aims of the organization orcharity:

How will you evaluate the success of the project?

Sustainability – what will happen after the project?

Details of all students involved in leading/organization of the project

' 'Project Leader

Student Name:


Email 1 (Mdx email address:

Email 2 (other):

Contact Tel No:

Mdx prog of study and year of study:

Funding Requested:

Description of Item (list) Amount of claim


Total £

Additional Information (optional)