12:07, February 21, 2011 (UTC) Minutes for Health and Safety

Meeting:24th to 31th January 2011

Present: Lewis Oakley, Lauren Clark, Holly Case, Amira Haroen

Key Discussion Points and Decisions:

  • · We all decided to do Health and Safety, safer sex and raise of awareness for underaged
  • · Decision to do it local, probably at schools, further discussion in the next seminar
  • · Creation of a facebook group for further material exchanges(Amira)
  • · Research of clinics and backup info they can offer(Lauren)
  • · Further research of other Campaigns with similar topics(all)
  • · Research of sexually transmitted diseases (Amira)
  • · Research of teenaged mums (Holly)
  • · Decision of which Media to use, possibly Radio and leaflets (Holly),Facebook talk group and YouTube video (Lewis)
  • · Talking to NHS in the next 2 weeks plus other Campaigners
  • · Thinking of a slogan for the Campaign to the next sessio
  • Other : A meeting is always to be held one hour before the seminar class, meeting point is the library.Next week’s meeting agenda:

Next Week:

  1. Making up Slogan name
  2. Specifying who is going to do what and when
  3. Brining in the researched materials for further discussions

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