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We are the Stop Smoking Now campaigners.

Our campaign is going to be on trying to raise awareness and stop people from smoking.

The general idea for our campaign is to encourage students to stop smoking and be more aware of the problems smoking casues.Their is an increase rise in student smokers from the ages of 16+, more people are smoking everday. Our aim is to help decrease the population of smokers and make them aware of the health risks and what it is doing to their health. We will particularly target Southgate college to make students aware and decrease their bad habits of smoking from early stages. We will be offereing patches and other solutions to help people get off smoking. We hope that by showing how smokingn damage the health and can cause health problems.


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Who said fruit wasn't fun?

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Hi My name is Ann-marie McDonald i study film media and cultural studies at middlesex university.

My name is Matsiliso Mlambo studying film media and cultural studies.



Hi, my name is Vipesh Lakhani, I study Media And Cultural Studies at middlesex university.

I am a British Asian who likes to think of myself as a bit of an enthusiast.

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Hey, my name is Ana Matos, I study Film, Media & Cultural Studies at Middlesex University. I love to go out and have fun with my friends and spend time with my family as they are very important to me.

I was born in London, but i can speak Portuguese fluently as thats where my parents are from.


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