Sopie Doffou 02:53, February 23, 2011 (UTC)

I went to visit Sunny Hill Primary and Happy day nursery school to speak to one of the teachers and also some of the mothers to find out what their opinions were on a child learning about sexual education at a young age.

When I visited Sunny Hill primary school I was really pleased of the age and the way that the primary school taught the children about sex.

  • The Sunny Hill primary school teach Sex Education at the age of 10-11 which would be in year 6. The children are only taught the basics such as the sex organs and how babies are made.
  • They also call the subject Self relations instead of Sex Education.

I really agree with this stategy as I feel that children do not need to know the full detail of the act just the basics until they get to secondary school at least.

I asked some of the mothers in Sunny Hill Primary and Happy day nursery at what age they would preferr they children to learn fully about sex and most of them agreed that they would preferr their children to learn gradually about the subject. Most of them said that ideally they would prefer they child to know about sex at the age of 15-16 but seeing as this is a new generation most of the mothers agreed that the chance of this happening was unlikely, so most of them said at the age of 13-14 years pf age.


Sopie Doffou 02:53, February 23, 2011 (UTC)