As preaching for 'financial stability' and 'mending' what previous governments destroyed, the coalition decided last year upon the toughest spending cuts Britain has faced in the past 20 years. Universities in the UK (along with many other public institutions) will see their budget scathed following the Spending Review released in October 2010. Two of the most damaged were higher education and public sector, which generated much anger among students and trade unions. Among the documents/reports we have used to research the matter, produce the argument, raise awarness among students and plan this campaign were: (2010 Spending Review, published 20 Oct 2010) (UCU news, 12 Jan 2010) (the Spending Review Framework, published June 2010) (Easy to Browse Budget Document, published June 2010) 2010: the IFS analysis of the effect on the poor. The Guardian, published on June 24th 2010) (University Business, published 01.10.2010)

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