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A required part of your campaigns is to present what you are doing, why and how other people can participate in it to the rest of the group. That's very fortunate as you will also be required to describe in your campaign report how you participated in three other group's campaigns.

The presentations will run in weeks 22 and 23 and will take place in Bevan New Hall between 12.30 and 1.30 and between 2.30 and 4. I have been informed that PLM1000 lectures are not running in those weeks so all of you should be free to attend the second session (if this is not the case please let Ben know asap). It is important that you are all there to support each other.

Each presentation should be no longer than 5 minutes and consist of 3-4 slides. Please put your name to a time slot below. Fill up from the earliest slots first please.

Week 22: Monday 28th March

12.40: politiCAN

12.45: Getting Young People To Vote

12.50: [Replace with group name]

12.55: Your Vote Will Make A Difference

13.00: MAD (Make a Difference)

13.05: The Pivot Team

13.10: Here & Aware - Breast Cancer Campaign


13.20: Eat Smart Keep Fit Campaign


14.35: I'AM SAFE

14.40: V.O.T.E

14.45: Anti Gangs

14.50: Higher Knife Crime Sentence

14.55: We are a 'Perfect' Family

15.00: Bag a Brighter Future


15.10: [Replace with group name]


15.20: [Replace with group name]

15.25: [Replace with group name]

15.30: [Replace with group name]

15.35: [Replace with group name]

15.40: [Replace with group name]

15.45: [Replace with group name]

15.50: [Replace with group name]

Week 23: Monday 4th April

12.40: Cervical Cancer Campaign

12.45: The Green Rush

12.50: EDIBLE WASTE Campaign

12.55: Healthy Meal Campaign

13.00: Stop and Think

13.05: The Healthy Option

13.10: GreENfield compaign

13.15: Kidish Kapacity

13.20: Speak Out : Be Heard! - Domestic Violence Campaign


14.35: Alcohol Aware

14.40: Uncut EMA

14.45: [Getting Young People Involoved in Politics]

14.50: Contra-ana. Starve the pro-anorexia websites

14.55: The Dissidents - Politics in Schools

15.00: The Invisible Voters

15.05: Action against abortion

15.10: Youth Vote

15.15: More For Men:HPV

15.20: [STOP Bullying amongst Youths]

15.25: [5 A Day]

15.30: Wasted!

15.35: alt ctrl delete

15.40: Think.Future

15.45: MARCA

15.50: the green party