Acc breast cancer
possible causes of breast cancer

even though there is no evidence for the causes of breast cancer, there are many risks and factors involved. We dont know what causes breast cancer but we do know what contributes to it. A risk factor is something that affects you and the chance of getting breast cancer,and different cancers have different risk factors involved. For example, if you smoke, drink, then this is a risk you are taking,whereas if your mother, aunt and grandmother all had breadt cancer, and it is in your family history then it cannot be changed.

However saying this does not mean you are more likely to get cancer in comparison to someone who has a history of it in their family, this is why we still do not know the true cause of cancer.

Here are some risk factors you cannot change:

  • Age- it is said that 2 out of 3 women who have suffered from invasive breast cancer are 50 or over, the chances of getting cancer increase as you age.
  • Gender- unfortunately being a woman is a risk factor we cannot help, although some men have been diagnosed with this too, but womean are 100 times more likely.
  • Family history- breast cancer is a much higher risk for women who have a mother or sister or aunt who have had the disease however it is important to know that over 80% of women who have suffered from breast cancer do not have a family history of it, it can happen to anyone but there is a higher risk for women with a family history.
  • menstrual periods- girls who have developed their period at a young age (under 12 yrs) have more estrogen and progesterone hormones and a longer exposure to this is also a risk.

These are some risks that are affected by lifestyle choices:

  • Birth control pills- studies have found that the use of recent birth control pills do carry slight risks, and those who have not used them are less likely to get breast cancer
  • Alchohol- alchohol consumption is clearly linked to the increase of breast cancer, those who drink many times daily do increase the risk
  • lack of excerise- studies show that excersize can lower the risks of the disease.

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