OdetaKosteckaiteMDX 09:19, May 8, 2011 (UTC)Minutes Weeks 22+23Edit

Present: Sandra Bialik, Gregory Anderson, Thea Softing, Zameena Sachedina, Diana Mukovnikova, Odeta Kosteckaite and Ochieng Maddo

  • We presented our campaign to the other students and teachers during these weeks, and got a great response! We had a powerpoint presentation and everyone had a role of what they would talk about, and it worked out great!
  • We got in contact with a school to go and talk to but as many of us are in other countries during break we weren't able to go and talk to them. We finished the powerpoint presentation, which can be viewed on our website here:
  • We have kept promoting the referendum with our website, twitter and facebook group (which has over 100 members)!

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