Week 20 MinutesEdit

Present: Thea Softing, Diana Mukovnikova, Gregory Anderson, Sandra Bialik, Ustadh Maddo, Odeta Kosteckaite, Zamee Sachedina

  • We have the fina
    Politican flyer
    l print of our flyer. Greg will print out many more in a smaller size at home so we can start handing them out
  • We are planningon handing out flyers at Oakwood station/Trent park campus next Tuesday
  • We are going to contact MUD magazine and see if they will put our flyer in the next magazine
  • We are still working on the powerpoint to show to a school and are going to email some soon
  • Sandra will be getting tshirts so we will print our logo on them and wear them when we're handing out flyers/presenting
  • We are working on the research dossier and are discussing who is doing what in our facebook group, we will then put it all together and post it on the wiki
  • We have also made an official facebook group:

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