Minutes Week 17Edit

Present: Sandra Bialik, Gregory Anderson, Thea Softing, Zameena Sachedina, Diana Mukovnikova, Odeta Kosteckaite and Ochieng Maddo

Discussed:- Our main objective/goal now is to get 18 year olds to register and vote in the referendum on May 5th 2011 in the UK
- We have to do research about the referendum (200 words each!)
- We have published our website online at, it isn't done yet though
- We took group pictures and pictures of us for our website
- We're meeting up on Thursday (12:30) to make a powerpoint presentation and contact a college to speak to a class about voting in May sometime during the next two weeks
- We're planning to go into central London and ask 18 year olds about voting while filming and handing out flyers/pamphlets/posters

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