• We spent time handing out flyers at Oakwood Station and around the University Campus.
    IMG 6912

    Tshirts and flyers at the ready!

  • Any spare flyers will be handed out to our target audience.
  • We made a start on our Powerpoint for our presentation on Monday
  • We outlined the topics we want to discuss in our presentation to accompany the Powerpoint slides. Everyone got one topic they will talk about in the presentation
  • Greg will finish putting the slides together.
  • Thea will update the website with a link to and add things "about us"
  • We are working on the research dossier and are discussing who is doing what in our facebook group, we will then put it all together and post it on the wiki
  • We are continuing to use both Twitter and our Facebook Group to spread the word of our campaign.

GregoryAndersonMDX 19:19, March 23, 2011 (UTC)

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