1. INTRODUCTION (Tehreem Zehra)

  • presenting us as a gorup
  • what is our campaign about
  • its aim

2. Research ( Gabriela Szpunar)

  • Saying the most improtant parts and facts of the reaserch that we did

3. Website ( Naima Elmi)

  • Presnting the website made by Naima general facts about it

4. Facebook page ( Anna Biecka)

  • showing to the students what is included in our facebook page
  • explaining how can they express their support

5.Additional materials of our campaign ( Laura Jayne Mole)

  • leaflets
  • poster

6.Summary (Sopie)

  • summarising the main points of our cmapaign
  • providing students with the crucial , worth bearing in mind facts
  • asking for support