Andie Harvey

Breast cancer is something very serious and i think its great that you guys have decided to raise awareness on the disease! I've always just imagined that i was too young to get breast cancer but observing the statistics its true that i can also get it! With younger sisters and a family member who has already suffered from the disease, i would love to support and help you out! Any events happening or anything i can do, please let me know i would be more than welcome to help!

  • I Gave advice to a second group called "Kidish Kapacity" who created a website that i posted on. I gave the group my idea of what I thought about younger ages being taught sex education in hope this can give them imspiration of preventing the classes being taught to younger children. This is the website here you can see the comment i posted.
  • Third campaign about donmestic violence was a group I supported on Facebook but their event time and place was not convenient for me to attend.

Otonye Young-Harry

The Breast campaign is a group which I have been supporting. I have been following their work and have left feedback on their facebook page. You can see this comment at!/home.php?sk=group_187317857977287.

I have also been following two other campaigns. These campaigns are called 'healthy eating' and 'domestic violence'. Likewise I gave feedback to the two groups individually. For the healthy eating campaign this feedback can be seen at!/pages/Healthy-Meal/133438780061671. Equally my feedback which I gave to the domestic violence campaign can also be seen at!/pages/Domestic-Violence-Campaign/131554196917388.