Our aims and objectives are as follows:

  1. To create awareness among the youth about politics.
  2. To sensitize the youth about the forth-coming referendum in May as a relevant start off point.
  3. To educate the youth about politics and how it affects their life.
  4. To give the youth some unique political history which is relevant to them.
  5. To make the youth understand that politics is an intergral part of their life which they can't do without.
  6. To make politics real and interesting in a way the youth will easily identify with.
  7. To develop the interest of the youth in politics so that they can actively participate in it by pursuing elective offices.
  8. To educate the youth about their political enviroment.
  9. To educate the youth about their political rights.
  10. To act as role models to the youth by portraying our own political awareness.