Here are a few other Breast Cancer Organisations just to mention:

Breast Cancer Care


Cancer Research UK

NBCF National Breast Cancer Foundation

BCF Breast Cancer Foundation

The majority of Breast Cancer Campaigns can be found in the form of websites, charities and in special clinics. They are mainly aimed at older women from ages 25 and up. This is because Breast Cancer is thought to be a thing that develops a bit later in life.

Viewing these organisations has made it apparent that young women are not being aimed at or encouraged to to take an interest in their breast health. We thinks its important to get young women to get into the habit and routine of checking thier breasts which can help spot any abnormal changes.

So we have been influenced by these organistaions to make a campaign for Breast Cancer Awarenes for younger women, from ages 25 and younger. Where better to enforce this awareness then in educational institutions such as Universities.

JoannaElukaMDX 00:23, March 12, 2011 (UTC)