Naima Elmi, Sopie Doffou, Laura Jayne Mole, Tehreem Z. Mehdi, Gaberiela Szpunar, Anna Biecka

Campaign Issue:

The age children are taught sex education is being lowered.

Aim of Campaign:

To increase the age limit children in primary schools are taught and how they are taught to be changed.

Target of Campaign:

To get some legal ruling of the ages children are taught and the emphasis on the learning process.

Actions/Tactics to achieve aim:

Letters to head of education, and MP's that agree with this campaign. To gain support from parents and teachers for change to take place.

Key message of campaign:

To raise awareness that children are not being taught the full extend of what they should be learning at the right age.

Resources needed:

A working website and facebook group to attract our audience. Wrist bands with our campaign name and URL, possibly T-shirts for the members. And posters or leaflets to be given out to the public.