Not sure how all this 'education cuts and fees' fuss is relevant to you? Are you confused about why people keep going out in the street and making a big deal out of this every other month?

Well, the reason is pretty simple. About 40% is being cut from the education budget (for arts and humanities up to 80% though!!!) and this will automatically mean less resources and quality for your degree. Less proper teaching, less teaching space, less equipment purchasing, less facilities, less everything!

Are you willing to pay for their crisis with your chance to gain some proper skills to get a good job on this defectuous market when you're done? We all know how the labour market goes's all about skills not about diplomas anymore! Plus, you're paying a pile of money for this, why should you get less?!

Come to MARCH FOR THE ALTERNATIVE event and let's show them what we're all about! Join The Revolutionaries on the 26th of March in front of The National Gallery (11 AM) and take over Central London to speak your mind and ask the government to shove their cuts...back in the budget!