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Title: I am Hpv campaign meeting Date: Monday 31st/01/11

Present: Monde Zama, Suad Ali,Letoria Harris, Jerdenne Wilson, Ruth Oluwadare

Apologies: None


1.) The Aim is to find a person with HPV male and female

2.) We have to find out if there is a test for HPV

3.)Think of logos and slogans for our campaign

We have decided on a group name called which is "More for Men" and we decided on a slogan for our group

which is 'I am HPV'. We have brainstormed publicity for our campaign and Monde brang out some research on HPV and Suad highlight the important and bad parts of the research. Letoria talked about the symptoms that causes HPV that was found by Monde, Monde also analyse the first page of the research and talk us through it. Monde's research also found what made men get HPV easily get infected with the HPV virus and due to smoking and oral sex.

4.)We decide we wanted to interview a doctor or nurse that can give theanswer to questions we have about HPV.

Our main ain is to campaign for men to recieve the vaccine for free.

Homework due for next meeting on the Monday 7th february

- Protype for t-shirt=Letoria

-Pro-type for Poster= Suad

-Logo for group=Monde

-Plan for the Campaign= Jey

- find out support groups for HPV victims = Ruth