15:19, March 29, 2011 (UTC)

Week 22 Meeting

Date: 29th March 2011

Present: Suad Ali, Letoria Harris, Jerdenne Wilson

Apologies: Ruth Oluwadare


1. Reflect on how the campaign is going so far

2. Decide tasks for next week

3. Talk about our presentation

4. Go through our presentation.


Jerdenne brought in the completed PowerPoint presentation.

The present member picked a slide to talk through.

Letoria will give an overview of our campaign and why we chose to do HPV for men.

Jerdenne will talk about the aims of group and what they hope to achieve.

Suad will discuss a case study of a man who had HPV.

Ruth will then go into further detail about what else can happen if a man catches HPV.

Letoria also discussed that she rang Southgate College and they said that they would try and find a slot for us to give a presentation there. So the group is now awaiting a call from therm.

Suad rang Southgate School and they said she should ring back so she will do that and get back to the group.

The group will meet later on in the week and practise their presentation together after individually rehearsing their parts at home.

Tasks for next week:

· Perfect presentation.

· Have meetings will school and college

Date of next meeting: TBC