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Meeting 4 Minute

Date: 14th February 2011

Present: Monde Zama, Suad Ali, Letoria Harris, Jerdenne Wilson, Ruth Oluwadare



1. Discuss in details what we want our outcome to be

2. Decide tasks for next week

3. Talk about publicity strategies


Tori said that her friend would gladly produce a logo for us at the cost of only a fiver. The group then discussed what we wanted it to be so she could bring our ideas to her friend.

Suad exclaimed her worries after finding out that there is no test for men to find out if they have HPV which for us is a big question of “how”.

The group agreed that if there was no test, how you would know if a man had HPV which research shows men can. This information is contradicting. So the group decided that should be one of the min outcomes of the campaign, to find out why there isn’t a test if men can get it too.

Jerdenne shared her research findings which was more men specific.

Monde shared her findings about another guy who had a terrible disease because of HPV.

The group the decided that this guy should be one of the case studies for their awareness event.

Someone suggested going to Hendon to check out their sexual health clinic. The group decided they would go on Tuesday the 22nd to check out the health clinic and find out about renting space there to hold the event.

The group decided they would hand out petitions, put up posters to try and draw attention to their campaign. Also by word of mouth by physically inviting people face-to-face.

Also the group decided they would apply for funding for their campaign via the scheme they were told about in lectures. Jerdenne said she would have a look at it.

Tasks for next week:

· More detailed research

· Look at funding form

· Tori to get progress on logo

· Write up minutes

Date of next meeting: 21st February 2011

Jerdenne Wilson MDX 21:11, February 22, 2011 (UTC)

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