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Meeting 3 Minute

Date: 7th January 2011

Present: Monde Zama, Suad Ali, Letoria Harris, Jerdenne Wilson and Ruth Oluwadare


1. Share tasks from last week with everyone

2. Decide tasks for next week

3. Discuss further a clear focus and aim for our campaign


Tori’s task was to buy t-shirts for printing but they didn’t have the group’s chosen colour so she failed to buy them.

Suad showed the group her draft of a poster. The group then discussed what were the pros and cons of it.

Tori said she really liked it.

Monde said she understood the concept and thought it was clever.

Jerdenne pointed out a few minor errors but overall also liked it.

Ruth approved as well.

Ruth questioned the minutes for the meeting on wikia as she couldn’t find it.

The whole group then confessed they couldn’t find it.

Jerdenne said she would look into it.

Ruth said because she didn’t know how to upload the minutes onto wikia she hadn’t done so yet but she had typed them up.

Jerdenne informed the group of the action plan she had produced.

The group is undecided whether or not they should try to get men vaccinated for free therefore targeting the NHS as that would be a huge feat to accomplish.

Currently the group is mainly about raising awareness about it and provoking a revolt amongst those affected most.

Tasks for next week:

· To be discussed in the following meeting that same week.

Date of next meeting: 14th January 2011

Jerdenne Wilson MDX 20:09, February 7, 2011 (UTC)