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Research Campaign Group: More For Men

Slogan: I AM HPV (Initiating Awareness for Men:HPV)

Members: Jerdenne, Letoria, Monde, Ruth and Suad

Campaign Outline:

HPV (Human papilloma virus) is a virus that can lead to cancer. It can be transmitted through oral, anal or normal sex. Recently a new scheme was introduced vaccinating any female under 18 against the virus for free. So most female teenagers currently are vaccinated against it. However a documentary was conducted on HPV and it was found that the male sex can contract it easily. The documentary also contained a case study of a man who caught cancer from HPV. Our campaign is to raise awareness for young people about the virus; to find out why young boys aren’t being offered the vaccination for free also and to “possibly” persuade the NHS that they should.


  • · To spread awareness of the HPV virus for men
  • · To alert public of the seriousness of the virus for men especially and the dangers it can cause
  • · To try and get men vaccinated against it for free like females “possibly”

Actions that have been carried out:

  • · Research on HPV
  • · Focus and target set
  • · Logo created
  • · Poster created
  • · Action plan written up
  • Actions to be carried out:
  • · Create a petition
  • · Get at least 500 names on the petition
  • · Put up/hand out our posters
  • · Print our t-shirts and start wearing them to promote our campaigns
  • · Organise an awareness event
  • · Collect more information on HPV
  • · Contact people who know more about it e.g. doctors
  • · Try and obtain guest speakers for event
  • · Obtain performers for event
  • · Hold the event