Meeting: 29.03.11 Present: Sara Ronne

Absent: Clarissa Dibb

Key discussion points and decisions:

  • After talking with Aga we sorted out the problems with our campaign. We are going to continue with the original idea, only changing it slightly. This seemed like the best solution because we already have been doing a lot of work on the topic.
    • we are also going to post whatever we have been working on in the mean time.
  • On Monday 04.04.11 we are having our presentation, and we are going to be talking about our campaign, and also the problems we have been having.
  • The facebook page need to get launched.
  • The wiki needs to be more completed.

Next week's agenda:

  • A short film needs to be made?
  • posters and flyers.
  • Sara will go to Trent Park on Friday and take a picture of all the healthy food and options students can choose.