Meeting: 22.03.11

Present: Sara Ronne and Clarissa Dibb

Notice: (this weeks minutes came a bit later, because we wanted to wait for a email reply before posting anything)

Key discussion points and decisions:

  • After emailing both Ben and Aga, we decided to present our new campaign idea on Tuesday, and discuss with Aga if we should continue with the campaign, or stick with the "old" one.
  • New idea: Student Rights. There are a lot of information about what kind of responsibilities students have, but very little about what kind of rights they are entitled to. And also they are very hard to find. We wish to make them more easily available, and to inform students about what kind of rights they have.
  • Our publishing material is under making (flyer/pamphlet, poster, film, facebook page)
  • Our campaign have got the name "The Sad Cats", inspired by us, and our feeling of Cat Hill as a "lesser" campus. Even though we are moving next year to Hendon. We will use a Cat as our front figure, to evoke interest. We then started looking into what kind of Rights we have, and realized it was quite hard to find.
  • We discussed having a survey at the end of the campaign/ have a poll on our facebook page - to measure if the information we have provided is useful and new to students at Middlesex University.

Next week's agenda:

  • Write the Research Dossier (provided by Aga in next weeks seminar)
  • Decide upon witch campaign theme to continue with.
  • Spread information (action):
    • Launch the facebook page, as well as the short film.
    • Hand our flyers/pamphlets

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