Meeting: 15/03/2011

Present: Clarissa Dibb, Sara Ronne

Key discussion points and decisions:

  • We decided that we need to change our campaign again after discovering that Trent Park cafeteria already does sell lots of types of fruit.
  • This is the third time we have had to change our campaign and is due to the fact that we are based in Cat Hill campus and not Trent Park, which we feel is extremely unfair therefore we are changing our campaign:
  • Against the fact that we are not allowed to base our campaigns around problems in Cat Hill campus. We feel that just because we are moving next year it is not our fault that we are at Cat Hill at this time therefore it is not fair that we should not be allowed to campaign against problems with our campus.
  • Our aim of course will be to allow us to be able to campaign against some issues that we feel are wrong with Cat Hill campus, rather than these issues being brushed to the side because they will not be a problem next year.
  • We have thought of a name for our new campaign 'The Sad Cats' and a logo which Sara has designed.
  • Sara has drawn our logo as well a created a short story which we will use for promoting our campaign, probably on posters. She has also created a short animation using the logo which we will find some use for.
  • We have thought about a number of ways of promoting our campaign, including posters, leaflets, stickers, cupcakes, t-shirts etc as well as a Facebook page
  • So far we have done a little research into student rights which we shall develop.

Next week's agenda:

  • Do more research into student rights
  • E-mail Ben/ Ginnie as the first step for our campaign
  • Found out more about funding for materials we would like to use such as the cost of creating stickers, t-shirts and cupcakes with our logo
  • Create a Facebook page to spread our message

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