Minutes Week 18:Edit

Meeting: 02.03.11

Present: Sara Ronne and Clarissa Dibb

Key discussion point and decisions:

  • We discussed if we were to stick with the original idea (Health - healthy eating - a "five-a-day" campaign) or change it. A few new ideas came up:
    • Recycling: how every household should recycle. (Clarissa)
    • "Stop Rupert Murdoch: In 48 hours, nearly half the British mass media could be bought by one of the world's media moguls" (Sara)
    • Campaigning for homosexual equality (Sara)
    • Making piracy of films/music legal/make a cheaper offer. (Sara)
  • We actually ended up with sticking with the original idea, but making a new concept:
    • Issue: We are unsatisfied with the option of eating/buying healthy food in our cafeteria at university.
    • Aim: Make Universities', but especially Middlesex's, cafeterias more healthy, by having serving fruit and vegetables as a healthy option.
    • Target: Students
    • People/groups to support key message: Contact Jamie Oliver, NHS, and other organizations.
    • Actions/Tactics: boycott, posters, video, letters (?) facebook, Wiki-page. Blogg (?). We also discussed if we should have a stand outside of the cafeteria, giving out free fruit and "preventing" students going inside.
  • We decided on our new group name: The Healthy Option. Because this is what we want to give students; we are not going to force them to eat healthy food, but at least give them the option. We are also going to make a logo. We are aware that some food-chains have the same/similar name, but we were uncertain wether that would be a problem. (

Next week's agenda:

Because we have started so late, there's a lot we have to do in a very short time. *Research:

    • The costs of fruit and vegetable (and compare it to the "unhealthy" option such chocolate bar, crisps, etc.)
    • Why it's better to choose healthy food (fruit and vegetables).
    • Find a company(s) that can provide fruit and vegetables for a reasonable cost (to Middlesex University)
  • Contact:
    • Try to contact Jamie Oliver (or another "famous name").
    • Find and contact other school who have turned their cafeterias into a more healthy option.
    • Find and contact organizations that can support our message. (NHS)
    • Send an email to Aga/Ginni to confirm our campaign.
  • We have spilt the work in half (the way it's set above) and Clarissa will do the research and Sara will try to contact people/organizations.
  • Next meeting: Not decided yet. Most likely during week 18 or 19.

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