Meeting 22nd feburary

Present: Ann-Marie McDonald and Vipesh Lakhani

Absent: Sara Ronne, Clarissa Dibb, Ana Matos and Matsiliso Mlambo

Guest speaker: Richard George

Campaign speaker came to help outline what is our main focus area and our critical pathway with our campign.

Main points raised

  1. What is our campaign about?
  2. Identify the problem and what do you want to change or make aware to the public
  3. Who can you get to help accomplish this?

Our 5 a day campaign was seen as not accomplished becasue its a big area topic and we need a main focus and something that is going to be achieveable in a short amount of time. Solutions were raised by the speaker that our smoothie idea was good but the main focus could be on the Vat increase and the problems it faces for the general public.

ANN-MARIEMCDONALDMDX 20:06, February 23, 2011 (UTC)