Week 16 (We've put that again because someone form other group has edited our post)


  • Greg Anderson
  • Odeta Kosteckaite


  • Thea Snlisberg-Softing
  • Zamee Anna Sachedina
  • Diana Mukovnikova
  • Ustadh Maddo
  • Sandra Bialik

There will be a person coming in next week so we need to think of these ways, and if you wanna go the extra mile and prepare an example of what you would say to the kids then go for it. (We may be okay to speak to 16 year olds upwards so) for example: We go into school, what do I want to tell the kids? "politics is blah blah blah right? Wrong! this is why........etc etc" using the information I've already got from last week :)

So, I'd say our main focus would be social networking, handing out flyers, posters, youtube and any other ways of targeting young people that you can think of targeting the kids AND anymore research we may need to do. I'll set up a new Twitter account with the 'PolitiCAN' name and if anyone wants to start an open group on facebook that we can start promoting that'd be great.

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