meeting: 8th-14th February. Present: Sara Ronne, Clarissa Dibb, Ana Matos, Ann Marie McDonald, Vipesh Lakhani, Matsiliso Mlambo.

Key discussion point and decisions:

  • we decided on the topic which our campaign is going to be about: health and in particular healthy eating. We are going to have a five-a-day campaign aimed at students.
  • our group was modified and two new members were added to our group.
  • we decided on the final group name: "The Fruit Girls and Boy" (because we are five girls and one boy)
  • Our campaign is going to have a fun and humoristic approach.
  • we devised a plan where we were all assigned to the tasks during the week to bring to the next meeting in order to assist us in the progression of our campaign.
  • we discussed making a short video/commercial to our campaign on eating five fruits a day.
    • script/idea?
    • who will make it?
  • we also decided the structure of our campaign. We are going to try having a stand at Middlesex University at Trent Park Campus where we campaign on our topic as well as having free fruit.
    • where are we going to get the free fruit? (sponsors? "leftovers" from supermarkets?)
    • permission from the university?
    • which day is the stand going to be on?
  • posters/leaflets?
    • funding?
    • who will make it?
    • layout?

Next week's agenda:

  • "show and tell" - what have the different group members discovered during their research?
  • decide who will be in charge of what.

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