23:24, February 25, 2011 (UTC)Present:
Reece Kraus, Dominic Virgo, Gerda Viljastu, Maria Hadjigeorgiou, Ruslan Kozirev, Amina Sellberg, Layma Meher

Purpose of the meeting:
To look at the topic of our campaign and begin looking at how best to reach our aims by brainstorming ideas.


Reece: suggested that a good way of advertising is to use social networking sites such as Facebook. This could be by creating a group or a page and hoping that a lot of people see the page and take an interest.

Dominic: discussed how printed media can sometimes sensationalise every day ‘problems’ which could affect social stigma and representations of groups. He later spoke about the importance of dialogue with firms and companies that could influence the success of our campaign. Direct, face to face contact can be very powerful. He also suggested that we approach school bodies and speak to them about the ‘perfect family’. Dominic then had an idea of holding an exhibition of ‘the perfect family’ at Hendon campus at which we would showcase pictures and short stories of real family life, showing people that regardless of what the media may show to be a normal family, we are all normal.

Gerda: had an idea of creating an advertisement made of two contrasting images of family life in order to show people what a ‘real’ family actually looks like. She also suggested that we as a group target family events and social gatherings where we can speak to families and conduct research as well as invite them to take part in our exhibition event.

Maria: highlighted during our difficulties to decide how best to make our campaign work that we do not necessarily have to change something in society as long as we challenge it and perhaps raise awareness. She then suggested that we create a survey which we can use to ask people in public what their personal idea of a perfect family life is.

Ruslan: discussed hegemony and levels of reading, saying that generally, audiences are passive to what they see in the media, suggesting that it may be why people believe what they are told rather than challenge it.

Amina: argued during discussion that not all types of media do sensationalise every day problems and that generally, it is only tabloid texts that do so. Amina also suggested that before we begin, we find current family statistics so that we can use the data when conducting surveys and have a better idea of the results we are expecting.

Decisions made: to meet again on Wednesday !6th February to discuss how to approach our targets, how to convey our message and to research further into ‘normality’.

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