Meeting: 10/3/2011

Time: 2:30-3:30 pm

Present: Maria Fernanda Carreira Drummond, Tanisha Harrison, Verona Dyer, Lena Daubaraite, and Ieva Miskinyte-Kavaliauske.

Apologies: Daniel Thomas (N/A)

Key discussions points and decisions: We started work on the power point presentation and discussed the content and design by designing a rough draft of the slides. We also discussed the way in which we are going to promote our campaign during the presentation by wearing t-shirts with our logo printed on them.

Important information: Everyone must meet in the Library at 2:30pm on Thursday's

Preparation for next week: we will work on our individual tasks that will be contributing to the powerpoint presentation slides.

Individual assignments:

  • Lena will elaborate on the target audience of out campaign
  • Verona and Fernanda will explain what type of actions and tactics are needed to acheive the aim of our campaign.
  • Tanisha will explain further on the campaign issues
  • Ieva will create the graphs using statistics gathered from the questionnaires.
  • Daniel will explain which resources are needed

Next week’s: We will evaluate each tasks that we did for the powerpoint presentation then decide how we will arrange them on the slides.