Monday 4th April

Absent: Clio

  • We met up around 11pm at Oakwood station to give out flyers.
  • We then returned to Trent Park and distributed some more flyers around the bar area and busstop.
  • We discussed and made changes on our campaign presentation for that same day.
  • Campaign presentation @ Bevan Hall when the last group member arrived.

Friday 8 April

Absent: Rochelle, Kelsey

All group members were supposed to meet up with our sponsors from the SPIN volunteering at Hendon Campus. They discussed with us on our campaign and how effective is has been so far and the sustainability of the project. Although we were unable to accomplish our aim, they told us that maybe it is rather a difficult task to go against the Uni bar to change their opening times. They advised us to perhaps focus on the idea of raising awareness.
They then settled arefund for the money we used to endorse our campaign, which was a total of £118.


After the interview we then went around Hendon Campus to hand out flyers and talk to students about our campaign.

Next event meeting:

We are still awaiting the stickers we ordered. We are hopoing to do one last event after receiving this around campus. Specific date will follow.

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