18th March

  • Zena explained the success of our meeting with the school.
  • Disussed more about aim as our previous aim of getting a national bullying day would be pointless as there is already a bullying week.
  • Discussed about the presentation that is booked for the 4th April. It is 5mins long and we may not have enough time for everyone to speak about a slide.
  • We can use the slide show we used form the school and also add detail from the questionnaires that the pupils completed for us.


Joseph Whitfield

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Otonye Young-Harry

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apologies for being out of contact for a short while, I have been having to re-do most of my work for the year due to my computer being plagued with a virus and having to be wiped clean. will be at the seminar on monday to discuss further group work.

Meeting on 21st March


Andie, Zena, Deb, Ot, Sam and Joseph.


  • Printed off peitition handouts, each member of the group are to get at leas 72 signatures before we can send it off to the priminister to make a difference. We are aiming from the petition to gain more awareness during the bullying week as we each discussed how wed had not been aware of a bullying week. This needs to brough to our meeting on monday the 28th March so we can move onto the next steps.
  • More questionnaires are to be done for Monday also. Each member of the group is going to get questionnaires completed from people in their area. As going to another school will be hard to organise as we need to go through the process of a getting reference from another organisation of bullying. Also time is running out.

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