Rus and Amina informed those of us that missed the last meeting about The ‘Don’t Judge My Family Campaign' , a campaign that opposes David Cameron’s £150 family allowance for various political reasons.

  • There is a vote for this on the 6th of May
  • Mina pointed out that our campaign would be in rhythm with the vote for £150 Family allowance.
  • Dom pointed out that the 'Don't Judge My Family' campaign may provide us with media: stickers, leaflets etc.
  • Ben Little (teacher) Explained that we can’t just back another campaign, but we can work alongside one, independently.

For the first part of the meeting we were unsure about what direction to take our campaign, we were considering just backing 'The Don't Judge My family' Idea of opposing the David Cameron's Family Allowance.

Gerda pointed out that the family allowance controversy is very connected to our initial campaign idea -‘The Perfect Family’. She thought that we need make contact with the campaign leaders, maybe make some leaflets and hand them out in city centers. This brought the idea of doing an exhibition back to life.

Tasks to be completed for next meeting (Wednesday 9th, 1PM @ The Library)Edit

  • All of us need to look at the ‘Don’t Judge My Family Campaign’ to understand their motives, what they are trying to achieve etc
  • All of us need to look at the ‘Family Allowance’ being passed
  • Gerda to have some ideas for a campaign logo

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