FANDOM 23:27, February 25, 2011 (UTC)In Attendance: Reece, Amina, Ruslan.

Absent: Maria, Dominic, Layma, Gerda.

Richard George came to the seminar and spoke to us on how to run campaigns efficiently. Our group gradually moves from one topic to another and Richard advised us many things. First of all, we have to answer the following questions:

What do you want?

Who can give it to you?

How do you get it?

The group spoke about how is it possible to change what media shows us as “normal” and “abnormal” and what values does it use when portray families in the ads. One of the variant of the media improvement could be better gay people representation, as well as lesbians and bisexuals portrayal.

We thought that making a campaign about married couples would be good because the government is going to make concessions to this form of living – by making tax brakes.

Amina mentioned that in the United States there is a big difference in terms of material welfare when a person is married or not. Marriage in the contemporary society is depicted like a form fashion.

Reece continued the discussion about “perfect people” and “perfect families”, suggesting that it is not real.

Ruslan spoke about the news story which was about islamist extremists declaring east London as a “gay-free” zone.

Next meeting of the group will take place this week and the main goal of it is:

to clarify what exactly our group is going to do, how we will do that and who will be involved in the campaign.

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