Minutes Week 16 Part IIEdit

Date : Thursday 17th February 2011


  • Katie Green
  • Mariam Kauser
  • Najma Ali
  • Robert Wasilewski
  • Rosanna Pillajo


  • Mercy Polly
  • Mohammed Yusuf

What We DiscussedEdit

Firstly, this meeting slot is something we wish to set up on a regular basis, as most of us with the exception of Najma Ali, are in the 11.30-1.30 JCM1200 Labratory lesson. If not at the end of the Lab, maybe at a time more convenient as Mercy has to leave for work soon after the lesson.

This meeting is a way to catch up on what everyone has done, or to discuss any problems raised since Monday.

Our Input ClarifiedEdit

  • Katie - Has nearly done her mood boards on the computer to help with the visual element of the presentation
    • Set up Facebook group.
  • Mariam - Will write out a survey and conduct it, hopefully by next Friday.
    • Will send list of colleges to Rosanna & write up minutes.
  • Najma - Has been in touch with her local Conservative MP for Enfield.
    • Also, could possibly arrange a tour of the Parliament, through her sister.
  • Robert - Wishes to make the website, poster/flyers and logo.
  • Rosanna - Will take over with the correspondance with local London colleges and draft letters.

Minor noteEdit

Unfortunately due to my (Mariam) terrible phone I was unable to direct Najma Ali to the meetting place in time for her to meet with the rest of the group. Instead we were only able to have a quick smaller meeting after the first one. But I Have still included her input with the rest of the notes. I hope this is okay with everyone. Apologies.

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