FANDOM 23:25, February 25, 2011 (UTC)In attendance:

  • Amina, Maria, Gerda, Dominic, Ruslan, Reece and Layma

Our group had a meeting on Wednesday for one hour in order to discuss about the campaign!


  • First of all we summarized what the group discussed on Monday.
  • Amina and Ruslan brought with them their research. Ruslan brought an article describing a happy family with a picture on it. We all agreed that that family did not even exist! Amina's research were some statistics having to do with gay and single parenting in the UK.
  • Dominic suggested how we should do the campaign exhibition and Gerda thought that it would be a good idea to put 15 family photos in it and a video made by our group. Maria said that it might be good to make an advertisment showing a perfect family(on the outside) and next to it the family's story(problems,relationships etc).


  • On monday we will fill out the application for funding by UNI.
  • Almost all of us agreed to write about our own experiences with families and ask relatives and familiar people about their families as well. This will help with our exhibition.
  • Last but not least, we said to research a bit more in order to get more real facts that might help our campaign.

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